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Tampa Sailing


Est. 1964

Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: TSS Change of Watch Dinner and Awards
When: Saturday, April 01, 2023, 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM

Name Type
Calvin Adams Everyone
Shannon Arthur Everyone
Lynn Barrett Everyone
Thomas Barrett, Jr Everyone
Frank Bartenstein Everyone
Penny Bartenstein Everyone
joe benkel Everyone
joe benkel Everyone
Gregg Bindshedler Everyone
Martha Bindshedler Everyone
Christa Boarini Everyone
Edwin Boudreaux Everyone
Tabitha Bray Everyone
Todd Bray Everyone
Lyda Brown Everyone
John Chapman Everyone
Mary Chapman Everyone
Andre Corriveau Everyone
Anne Cronin Everyone
Anne Cronin Everyone
Michae Cronin Everyone
Michael Cronin Everyone
Tom Dailey 1 Everyone
Tom Dailey 2 Everyone
Dawn Daly Everyone
Thomas Daly Everyone
Donald Filicetti Everyone
Emily Henke Everyone
Stephen Hodge Everyone
Steve Hodge Everyone
John Horton Everyone
Peggy Horton Everyone
Bruce Hoskins Everyone
Glenda Hoskins Everyone
Darla Huyck Everyone
Dennis Huyck Everyone
Bobbie Keeley Everyone
Jim Keeley Everyone
Joseph Kerska Everyone
Debra Klahr Everyone
Hagen Klahr Everyone
Nicholas Lavelle Everyone
Roxann Lavelle Everyone
Michael Lewis Everyone
Merry Lineberry Everyone
Ernest Lineberry 2 Everyone
Dave Macy Everyone
Herb Maguire Everyone
Janet Maguire Everyone
Kathleen Mann Everyone
William Mann Everyone
Erin May Everyone
Michael May Everyone
Thomas McMullen Everyone
Jerzy Milrad Everyone
jerzy milrad Everyone
Karen Montembeault Everyone
Roger Montembeault Everyone
Chris Morgan Everyone
Monica Morgan Everyone
Oliver Morgan Everyone
Amy O'Neal Everyone
Darin O'Neal Everyone
Wesley Shaw Everyone
M Sheridan Everyone
Mathew Sheridan Everyone
Michael Smith Everyone
Nancy Smith Everyone
Donald Thomas Everyone
Kathleen Thomas Everyone
Maria Verstraete Everyone
Robert Verstraete Everyone
Mary Lee Walker Everyone
David Webb Everyone
Francine Webb Everyone
Andrew Witkowski Everyone
Herbert Wittnebert Everyone
Claire Wittnebert 2 Everyone