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Tampa Sailing Squadron is a private, member-owned sailing club located in Apollo Beach, Florida.
Members enjoy many activities such as club racing, regattas, cruising and many other social events.
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TSS Club Racing Safety Policy

When winds are reliably forecast to be or become so during racing:

A) Sustained 18+ knots and/or,
B) gusting over 20+ knots there will be no racing.

Past experience has shown that these conditions can overwhelm smaller boats and crew. They also lead to damage to sail/rigging etc.

Criteria for forecasts will be taken from:

A)NOAA forecasts,
B) WindFinder, and
C) SailFlow

A combination of the above has been found to be consistently more reliable than NOAA alone. Permitting larger boats, that may be able to handle such conditions, to continue racing while smaller boats face unacceptable risks would not be consistent with the Corinthian spirit.