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Women's Sailing

"Dedicated to promoting camaraderie and enriched sailing experiences by inspiring and
 promoting the sport of sailing through seminars and nautical activities”




Add check list on rigging the boat and storing the sails and rudder



Burn the end of the leader line to the furler



Change the roller furler so that it remains on the boat, not on the sail. Also rotate the connectors



Mast needs a round ring starboard base



Change the Black line to one that is the size of the halyard and is also not stretchy



Change the shackles on the black line



Label the Furler lines



Remove the spinnaker holder on the bow of the boat - it is not used



Shorten down line (port side) for the rudder, test how much to shorten when it is in the water



Move all 4 rudder cleats back about a hands width



Add bungee to hiking straps to keep it off the floor and make it easier to get your feet underneath



Change the tiller extension to a rubber on



NOTE: The main sheet is a little large for cleats


Please check back soon for sailing dates