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Tampa Sailing Squadron is a private, member-owned sailing club located in Apollo Beach, Florida.
Members enjoy many activities such as club racing, regattas, cruising and many other social events.
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Women's Sailing


The women's sailing group, Starry Sirens, is open to all women at Tampa Sailing Squadron.  We share knowledge through monthly programs about all things sailing, enjoy and build comradery and friendships, and seek opportunities for sailing and crewing at the club. 

We meet monthly, usually on the first Saturday of each month, from 10am-12 noon.

We have several increasingly popular ANNUAL programs and activities:

·        “Share and Tell:  New Products and Favorite Gadgets”

·        Kayak Adventure – exploring the 2.5 mile Eco Trail in Apollo Beach
                                         or kayak at E.G. Simmons Conservation Park in Ruskin

·        Christmas party - member hosted, festive, fun activities and covered dish.

Women's Sailing now has access to 3 Sunfish sailing boats and a Mutineer for sailing enjoyment, education and racing.  If you are interested, please contact me to discuss.

We have 60+ women on our email list and are a very friendly, welcoming group. 
Most of our programs are planned and facilitated by club members. 
Come join us.

Coordinator:   Lesa Dailey             
cell:  (941) 713-5311

Meeting day:  Usually the 1st Saturday of each month   

Usual time:      10:00 a.m. - 12 noon

Usual location:  TSS Clubhouse
To be added to the email list, please email Lesa Dailey



Women’s Sailing Programs for 2019

Normal program time and location: 10am – 12 noon / TSS Clubhouse

If yoga is offered before a meeting, the time is listed below.

January 5

“Yoga on the Boat” Led by Julie Stocksdale

An introduction to yoga, its benefits, and adapting for yoga on a boat.


February 2

Gasparilla Regatta


9:15 - 9:45 am “Yoga: Neck and Shoulders” Led by Julie Stocksdale

10 am to12 noon “Share and Tell: New Gadgets and Favorite Products

Led by: Sally Marcinek and Becky DeVillier


March 2


Mutineer Mid-Winters 3/1,2,3/2019

9:15-9:45 “Yoga – 12 Poses for Bone Health” Led by Julie Stocksdale

10 am to12 noon “Race Committee: What do you need to know?” Led by Bob Sardo (was PRO Professional Race Officer for _____ years at TSS)

Discussion will include topics like:

1. What is a leeward boat? / windward boat?

2. Kinds of races

3. What do the courses look like?

4. What do the flags mean?

5. How tostudythe RC paperwork?

6. What does the "captain's meeting" entail?

7. Is the RC course confidential until the race?


April 6

No yoga

“Siren Song: Maintenance and Use” Led by Herb McGuire



May 4

No yoga

Navigation - program 1


“Course Plotting” Led by Jay Kurtz ???

This program will be on manually plotting a compass course to sail across the Gulfstream from Miami to Bimini. The point is to develop the ability to utilize the information available (weather forecasts, time of the year, tides, winds, boat speeds, currents, etc) to manually navigate a safe course - rather than relying on technology , which can fail.



June 1

Commodore’s Cup Regatta 6/15/19

“Gulf Stream Crossing to the Bahamas” Led by Bill Cullen


July 13

Second Saturday

Navigation - program 2


“ ‘ What If ’ Scenarios” Led by Julie Stocksdale

What if… We all wonder (or we should, at least) how we might respond in unforeseen circumstances during a sailing adventure. Whether we’re just out for a day sail on the bay or out of sight of land, something might go wrong. During this meeting we’ll propose various scenarios and discuss ideas on what to do if it happens on our boat. Each person should come prepared with several things that might go wrong to throw in for discussion. Don’t be afraid to be wild and crazy, because your boat and Mother Nature can be even more wild and crazy.


August 3


“Cooking Aboard and Abroad” Led by Bill Cullen

“Types of meals needed, planning menus, types of recipes,equipping the galley,

Freezer and Fridge use and contents, what doesn't have to go in fridge (even eggs,

Mayo, butter, etc.) provisioning, what to stock and what not to, galley gadgets


On longer trips, I do very little pre-cooking and freezing due to lack of freezer space.

So I talk about meals to cook from scratch. Also, if you go chartering in the BVI,

you wont' be cooking and freezing. And if you are out for several months, or get

invited to cook on a 10-day delivery from Antiqua, you will need to know what to expect. If you charter in Grenada or Tonga, what to expect aboard.


September 7


“Sew What” Led by Julie Stocksdale

Sew what. What? Well, whatever. There are many ways we can improve the livability, storage, safety, comfort, etc. on our boats with projects we make ourselves. Obviously, some projects require more expertise and more sophisticated equipment, but even with basic hand-sewing skills or the sewing machine you got for your 16th birthday, you can accomplish a lot. Okay, maybe not an entire cockpit enclosure, but how about a ditty bag? Julie will bring her Sail rite sewing machine and some sailcloth and we’ll make some simple items. If you would like to bring your machine, whatever type, threaded and needled, please do so. Bring ideas, or examples of your own sewing projects as well.


October 12

Navigation – program 3

Rumgatta - 10/5/2019

no yoga

Sharpening our Mariner Eyes (Navigation)” Led by Nancy Danvers

Review good mariner habits of observation from the time you leave the dock. Review headings, bearings, collision bearings and the rules of the road to keep your boat and crew safe on the water. If you own a hand bearing compass, please bring it.

November 2
Yoga 9:15

“Favorite Cruising Spots” Led by Sally Marcinek
 Share your favorite cruising destination...where it is, your route, when you went, why you loved it, and any special features it has.  Charts of Florida and the Bahamas will be displayed so you can show us right where it is.  Other charts
can be available if you let Lesa or Sally know which ones.


November 9
Special Event

Annual Kayak Event: Reserve the date - details TBD


December 7


Annual Christmas Party -  
Hosted by Sally Marcinek and Becky DeVillier
10AM - 12 NOON