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Tampa Sailing


Est. 1964
TSS Mission
Club Early
The mission of the Squadron is to promote and facilitate sailing and related activities.  Our squadron is dedicated to carrying out this mission through reliance on our individual members' talents and efforts whenever possible.  Because of our members' willingness to give generously of their time, TSS has prospered and grown in spite of a modest fee structure.  The Squadron intends to continue the direction that is the basis of today's success: a wide variety of sailing activities, outstanding facilities, planned growth, and "hands-on" membership participation. 

Our members' deep commitment to work for the common good of the Squadron is the essence and strength of this organization.  This involvement takes many forms and all are encouraged. Members support Squadron racing and cruising activities.  A few serve in elected or appointed posts and are actively involved in Squadron planning. Many others participate in meetings, work parties and construction projects. 

Our members are justifiably proud to be part of the Tampa Sailing Squadron, both for what has been accomplished and for what the future promises.