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Tampa Sailing Squadron is a private, member-owned sailing club located in Apollo Beach, Florida.
Members enjoy many activities such as club racing, regattas, cruising and many other social events.
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One Design Regatta

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TSS One Design Regatta
December 1, 2018

Organized by
Tampa Sailing Squadron, Apollo Beach, Florida

1         RULES
1.1     The series will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.
1.2     Each competitor shall sail in accordance with their class rules and format.
2.1     The regatta is invitation only to the following One-Design classes: Day Sailor, Mutineer, Windmill, Snipe and Sunfish.  
2.2     Entries may be submitted online via TSS website or submit a paper form at TSS on Saturday, December 1. Entry forms should be submitted no later than 0900 on December 1st.
2.3     The entry fee is $45 for double-hand and $35 for single-hand and includes: Regatta shirt (skipper & 1 crew), Sat. Happy Hour & Dinner (skipper & 1 crew), and Awards.
Regatta Shirts:  short sleeve, cotton. Additional shirts are $12 and will be available for purchase at TSS. (Pre-order by Nov 16 to guarantee a shirt on regatta day)
Additional dinner tickets are $6 and will be available for purchase at TSS.
3.1     Saturday, December 1st
           0800-0930 Late Registration & Check-In, Coffee/Juice and continental breakfast items
           0930            Competitors meeting.
           1100            Warning signal for first race. Additional races to follow.
           1600            No races after 1600.  
 1800            Dinner & Awards Presentation
Sailing Instructions will be posted at TSS website by December 1st; will be posted on the Official Notice Board, and available at registration.

5         THE COURSES
5.1     All classes will sail windward-leeward courses on a drop-mark course. Potential alternate courses could have a reaching mark.
5.2     Fleets with 5 or more entries will receive a separate start. Starts for smaller fleets may be combined at the discretion of the Race Officer.
6         SCORING   
6.1      A boat’s regatta score will be the total of her race  scores, however If five or more races are sailed, a  boat’s worst score shall be discarded. 
6.2     One race is required to be completed to constitute a regatta in each class.
7         PRIZES
Each fleet will be competing for a First, Second and Third place trophy.
8         Misc.
8.1     This regatta is a “Clean Regatta”. Racers are encouraged to use non-single user water bottles and recycle all appropriate items. 
8.2     Boats can be kept on their trailers in the designated parking area, beached on the shore or tied to the floating dock.  A hoist and a ramp are available for launching. 
           Competitors in this event are participating entirely at their own risk.  See RRS Rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any responsibility for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.  By participating in this event, each competitor (skippers and crews) agree to release the race organizers from any and all liability associated with such competitor's participation in this event to the fullest extent permitted by law.
Regatta Chair: Matt Dalton
Contact at