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Got a Question or two for you mate.

Do you understand what you will be voting on with regard to club finances on September 21st ?  I'm writing this article to bring the changes in the club finances to you attention.  You can go to our website and find the information there at the bottom of the left column on the members page after you log in. 

Do you understand why club fees may rise and by how much?

Are you aware of how much money will be needed each year to fund the long range savings plan called the Facilities Reserve Account?  Is it $48K? $30K, or some other number? Where does this money come from?

Do you know why the WCA account is going away?

Do you understand how we might pay for the Sea Wall replacement at $100K?

Will the Disaster Recovery Fund really be “locked up”?

How long should it take us to reach the goal of $200K for the Disaster Recovery Fund?

I hope this article will generate a little lively conversation and interest amongst the membership.  I think the membership needs a full presentation so we can all feel more comfortable about voting for the bi-laws changes as proposed.   I do not doubt the wisdom and hard work of the board and the Finance Committee. I do think there needs to be a clearer understanding amongst the general membership of these proposed changes to our bi-laws.  Indeed, even a better understand amongst our board members is  needed as I've heard a couple of different explanations from them.


Bill Cullen




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