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Bylaws and Rules

The Bylaws and Rules Committee held an open meeting during and after the October work party. We reviewed the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations in detail, noting sections needing attention. For the most part, we focused on outdated procedures and scrivener's errors, and very few substantive changes were discussed. Our next meeting will be to review drafts and discuss any additional suggestions from the membership.

The Committee will be submitting recommendations to the Board for consideration and possible action, in accordance with Bylaws Art. XIV para. 1.1 for Bylaws amendments (which require voting by the members) or Art. VIII para. 1.3 and 1.3.1 for Rules and Regulations amendments (which are presented to the members but are voted on by the Board).

The Committee seeks your participation and comments. Please e-mail Pat Austin at pmsausab@gmail.com or Julie Stocksdale at iolani1@verizon.net


In accordance with the TSS Bylaws, Commodore Dan Fels has appointed the Nominating Committee, whose names and contact info are below.

If you are interested in serving as an officer or director, or if you would like a member to be considered for the 2015-2016 Watch, please contact anyone on the Nominating Committee. We'd love to hear from you!  We are looking for qualified candidates to represent the best interests of TSS and our fellow members.  The following seats are available:


            Vice Commodore

            Rear Commodore



            Two 2-year Directors and

One 1-year director.  Steve Hodge will be next Year's Dockmaster, so we will be nominating a Director to serve the remaining 1-year of the 2-year term.  Becky DeVillier was elected to a two-year term and will serve another year.

At the membership meeting on 1/19/15 , the Nominating Committee will present a recommended slate of officers and directors and report the names of all members who were presented to the Committee and seconded, but not selected for the slate.  At that meeting, the Commodore will ask for floor nominations and allow every candidate the opportunity to speak.  Nominations close on 1/19/15 and the names of all qualified nominees are posted at the Clubhouse no later than the first Monday in February.  The election is at the February membership meeting, when the nominee receiving the most votes of the votes cast is elected.  Officers and directors for the 2015-2016 Watch are installed at the March membership meeting.

TSS Nominating Committee 2015-2016 Watch

Pat Austin, Chair


pmsausab@gmail.com or paustin@saxongilmore.com

Member since 1986

Greg Johnson

Greg.johnson@ preciseconstruction.com

Member since 1981

Julie Stocksdale



Member since 1993

Frank Reid



Member since 2012

Patrick Nannery



Member since 2012


We are filling up the dry slip area and I am trying to maximize the space to accommodate everyone. I have begun shifting a few boats and will continue to do so as the need arises. Some of our slips have extra space between them and will easily shift over to provide for another slip. As I shift boats I am relocating the tie-downs and sinking them flush with the ground. I am doing this so that they are not sticking up and can be rolled over by the boat trailer since the space is narrower.

If I shift your boat a few feet, please do not shift it back. This has happen already and I will be moving those boats again to add another slip between them.

Darin O'Neal

Dry slip manager


The Holiday Season is upon us! The Lighted Boat Parade is this Saturday the 13 th  with all of the planning that has gone into this year's parade, I'm sure it will go off without a hitch. Be sure to come down to the club for burgers and dogs before the parade. Then watch it from the new Deck with your friends and guests. Since I'm on the subject of The Holidays the Commodore's Eggnog is this Monday the 15 th @ the membership meeting. Please bring an un-wrapped gift for the children and hors d'oeuvre to share. If you do have any questions contact Barbara Gocek.

At our club there is an award for some members it is an honor to receive the Life Membership Award. I would like to take this opportunity to thank these three recipients for their service to our club. Jim Allen, Bob Bettinger & Greg Johnson . Please take the time to tell them all, Thank You!

While speaking of service to our club and the many ways we as members can offer our service to the club. The Nominating Committee is currently deliberating on their selections for the next slate. If you or someone you know is interested in a position on the Board make yourselves known to the Committee.

Another way to be of service to the club is to get involved with something specific such as. The 2015 MNC Regatta and to this end I would like to form a steering Committee MNC 2015. If you are interested in being a part of this group please come to a preliminary meeting on Saturday the 20 th after the work party @ 1:00 . While on the subject of work parties also on the 20 th we will start working on the first portion of the floating dock. All the hardware & necessary lumber has been purchased. The video makes this look easy, of course it does.

Gasparilla is just around the corner and Don will need your help. This is our biggest race of the year so let's make it our best. This would be an excellent time for the Regatta Team to get started.  Don't wait to be called upon by Don volunteer for something as soon as you can.

Our Dockmaster Dennis Brown is all ready for the next work party as usual he has a list and needs your help. So bring your gloves and give him a hand.

I would like to Thank each and every one of you for the contributions you have all made to the Club this past year. So please as the season begins be Safe and be Smart. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

As we continue to build for the future of our club today. Remember it's about the fun stuff, and with that being said. Let's all go Sailing!!

Dan Fels


Please join us at a meeting of volunteers next Wed., Dec. 10, at 7 pm at Century 21 Beggins to focus on brainstorming, planning and organizing.  There's much to accomplish in the next 2 months on many different fronts, requiring a variety of skills, talents and interests, and on different time schedules.  Your help is vital to the project's success! 

Update: The Apollo Beach Nature Preserve is closed, as the County proceeds with construction of the rock breakwaters parallel to the western shoreline and a T-groin near the north channel, designed to reduce wave energy, minimize erosion, and reduce the amount of sediment washing into the boat channel. ABWIG is applying for an Environmental Resource Permit and our permit modifications are under review. When approved, ABWIG will build the sand containment area at the Park and proceed with dredging the North, Main and South channels, expected to begin in April.  At completion, ABWIG will push the sand onto the beach, replace the concrete emergency vehicle & pedestrian way, replant the uplands area and replace aids to navigation.    Then we'll all enjoy waterway access to our community and the park, featuring a beach, bird watching, fishing, nature study, marine habitat, picnics and sunsets!         

If you can't attend next week's meeting, please join us at our Town Hall Meeting on Jan. 15 at 7 pm at Century 21 Beggins (on US41 near C1 Bank, just north of Publix in the AB shopping center).    

Len, Pat, Steve A, Earlene, Melissa, Aixa and Steve L of ABWIG


Here is an interesting story about a recent adventure by one of our members - Matt Dalton.  He raced the Carib 1500, a 1480 mile sailing rally from Norfolk, Virginia to Tortola, BVI on the Shannon 43 "Serenity".  read more...


~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

Youth Sailing isn't just for kids, anymore! We have classes for adults and families, too!

Interested in learning to sail or sailing better?

Sail with our U.S. Sailing certified instructors.

Our boat or yours. Small classes, personal attention! AFFORDABLE!
Interested? pmsausab@gmail.com

~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

SUNFISH and LASERS ~_/) ~ You're at the helm, a grea t way to learn! Great practice for Big Boats! 12 hours, weekend or weekday. $240 for instruction, book and Tshirt.

Coaching available at $30/hour. Sail better, sail faster!

~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

Learn to Sail a Big Boat ~_/) ~ HANDS-ON LEARNING - SKIPPER and CREW SKILLS.

$240 for 12 hours of instruction, book and Tshirt. Weekend or weekday.

~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

Tweak your Big Boat skills~_/) ~ Coaching available at $30/hour.

Practice a skill, like docking, anchoring, mooring, or sail trim, or gain confidence

or just enjoy sailing with a partner (special discount - fun rate).

~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

INTRO TO RACING or IMPROVE YOUR RACING SKILLS ~_/) ~ Use our boat or yours.

~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

Art Work By Cory Wright, proud mother of a young sailor. She says, "He did the July 8th week of Sailing Camp and once again ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Your staff does an amazing job! He honed his skills learned from last summer's camps and really gained some confidence in his abilities this year. It's so exciting and rewarding to see! And, as promised, I have a painting for you. I began it on site the second day of camp and finished it up in my studio. It's oil on canvas, 11" x 14."  Check out Cory's website:  http://www.corywrightart.com/

Our own Bill Cullen has a new website...

"I have started a new website as a follow through to my articles and presentations about neat things and ideas to have aboard your cruising sailboat.  Please take a minute and visit the site.  I hope that you'll find it informative and fun. 

I'd love to have your ideas to add to this website.  I will give you credit too. If you have any comments or ideas for me, send them to cullensailor@gmail.com

The name of the website is   www.thebookofsail.com

You can Google this exactly, or type the name of the website in quotations like this;

"the Book of Sail"   

Thanks for looking!"

Bill Cullen


Earlier there was a discussion about TSS offering sailing "ability" opportunities to physically challenged sailors. 

The Pioneer Grant Program was created with the intention of providing funding to sailing programs that wish to offer adaptive sailing to individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities but lack the resources to do so. Any organization that has indicated a successful track record with sailing education and is looking to either begin, or expand, an adaptive sailing program is eligible for a Pioneer Grant. Preference will be given to those programs that focus on populations that have no prior experience with sailing or marine education or that are recognized as a US Sailing Community Sailing Center or Accredited Keelboat School.  US Sailing will award a total of $15,000 in grant funding. No grant award will exceed $5,000 and all recipients must secure matching funds.

US Sailing requires the right to promote the program that is directly impacted by the funding. This may include a request for photos, or testimonials, from your staff or students. Additionally, US Sailing reserves the right to require copies of all print and electronic materials associated with your program, including marketing materials, curriculum, lessons plans or other, similar, documentation. It is understood that this documentation may be made available to other US Sailing member organizations at no charge via a print or electronic medium. Credit will be provided to your organization for any materials that are made available through US Sailing.

Applications may be submitted from October 1st, 2014 until November 30th, 2014 ; Grant applicants will be notified no later than December 15th, 2014 if they have been selected to receive a grant. Applications that are not complete will not be considered.

This would be a great opportunity for TSS to become involved in this program. Anyone interested in becoming involved, please contact the Commodore, Dan Fels

Control + click to go to Relevant Documents:
http://www.ussailing.org/ education/adaptive-sailing/ grants
Pioneer Grant Frequently Asked Questions
Pioneer Grant Application
Pioneer Grant Reporting Guidelines


Open to boats 19 feet and less
Meet at 1 and sail at 2
Have fun!
Improve your single-handing and crew skills!
Practice for Portsmouth races (1 st Sunday of month) or one-design racing!

Sail your own boat, or a TSS Sunfish, or talk to Pat about sailing a YS Sunfish, Laser or Mutineer 15.

Frequent sailors:  Matt Dalton, Dan Kresge, Katie Kresge, Darin O'Neal, Ed Plotts (add your name here!)

Info:  Susan Bishop, Portsmouth Racing - susan@mymothersgarden.com


Help needed.  Transport donated Mutineer 15 on trailer from Cleveland sail loft to TSS.  Pls. contact me to discuss.  Thanks.  Pat A./Youth Sailing  pmsausab@gmail.com 813-645-2262


The Scroll

All TSS members:  Don't forget to nominate your friends and fellow members to receive the Parchment Scroll at an upcoming membership meeting. Just take note of funny happenings and silly accidents that you see around the club or at TSS events.

The Scroll has been awarded for anchors being thrown overboard (unattached) with the owner watching it go directly to the bottom. It has been awarded for removing an outboard motor from the transom with no retainer line. Lose your grip and the motor goes....directly to the bottom.

The Scroll has been awarded for many reasons. Some humorous (with the perspective that time allows); most as a result of a less than intelligent acts that could have been avoided.  So let's keep our eyes and ears open for some really dumb stunts that we can all shake our heads about and say what was he/she thinking. 

Just E-mail Greg Johnson at greg.johnson@ preciseconstruction.com or call Greg at 813-267-3862   to make the nomination. Greg will handle all the details.

Receiving the scroll is a high honor that is shared by many TSS members past and present.


Lost Song Books

If anyone has seen 3 song books, spiral bound with blue covers, and the title "Rise Up Singing" please contact Dick at  dickandtonim@gmail.com or let Bill Cullen know.   These were left at the club after the St Patrick's day Celebration on March 15th.

Co-Ed Program for young adults

Ship 185 is a year-round co-ed program for young adults 14 to 20.  We meet on Tuesday nights from  6 to 9 pm  at the TSS Clubhouse and sail as often as we can.  Know someone that would be interested? Come check us out! 

Email  SSS185BSA@Gmail.com  for more information.  (Meeting times may vary depending on activity and weather.)


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