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Wednesday – July 16, 2014 @ 7:00 P.M.

Sandy Murman –  Update on South Shore projects
Ross Dickerson –  Update on A.B. Nature Park shoreline restoration plans                         
Len Berkstresser -  Dredging project status update
Mark Haney – TECO/Florida Aquarium Technology Park project update



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Good Afternoon Members,

It has been brought to my attention that we (as the Board) may not have strictly followed the proper procedure's involving a change to the rules. Article VIII 1.3.1 "Any proposed amendments to the  Rules and Regulations shall be discussed at two meetings of the Board and one Membership Meeting, as well as being read from the minutes and published in the Lighthouse, before being approved and implemented by the Board."

While I do believe we have discussed this change more than twice at Board Meetings and more than twice at Membership Meetings. We may have failed to instruct our IT person to publish it correctly. Nor did we have the Secretary read it from the Board minutes. Also although the original Rule change was never correctly posted in the Roster it was done in the correct procedure by a prior Board.

Now the question is where we go from here. I believe the answer is to correctly publish the new rule before the next Board meeting, 10/6/14 . Then before our next Membership Meeting on 10/20/14 publish it again, have our Secretary read it from the minutes of our last Board Meeting with an additional membership discussion.

Following that at the Board Meeting on 11/3 the Board will vote on the Rule change.

The New/Old Rule verbatim is as follows.

Rules and Regulations

VII. Boat Storage

Z. Leases for wet and dry slips are effective from January 1 through
December 31. At the time of the lease renewal (for members currently in slips) or the initial lease (for members moving into a slip), the member must be in compliance. Compliance means that the member has submitted compliance forms quarterly and those forms show that the member has met the applicable standards set forth below.

1.     All slip lessees and slip waiting list members are expected to submit compliance forms quarterly, render service to the Squadron each calendar year and attend a minimum of four membership meetings each calendar year. Opportunities for service include, but are not limited to, the following: Officer, Board of Directors, Chair or member of a Standing Committee, Chair or member of a Special Committee, Work Parties, Race Committee, Leadership of Youth Sailing or Sea Scouts, Sponsor club cruise, Sponsor potluck dinner,
Write newsletter article, Assist with Special Event, Assist with Squadron Regatta, Other service as approved by the Board of Directors or Dockmaster.

All remaining sections of Rules and Regulations VII. Boat Storage Z. 1 will remain as written and published in the TSS Membership Roster 2012-2013.

Upon completion of this process when the new Roster is published this change will be reflected in the new Rules and Regulations.

I want to thank you all for your service to our club.

Dan Fels

From the Helm

This is the time of year we all are so glad to live in Florida. Up North
they are settling into the fall routine, shorter day's colder nights and
putting their boats away for the winter. While here at TSS we are just
gearing up for Regatta season fall racing is just around the corner.  We have reached the midway point of Hurricane season and so far we have been unusually fortunate. Let's all say a prayer that we remain this lucky.

This coming weekend we will be resuming work on our pavilion extension plan, including the sealing of the deck. I will be starting the work on the next phase which will be the fixed dock portion.

The Raft-up at BCYC was an exceptional weekend. Autumn and I had a great time as always. TSS had 6 boats in the raft a couple of our boats had issues and couldn't make the trip. We also hosted stowaways on our boat. Everyone who stayed till Monday got an excellent breakfast and several BCYC members
were served as well. We did have a little problem with the gas oven at
first, but figured it out in the end. If you couldn't make it this year try
next year, it is always a good time.

Over the weekend I noticed we have begun another adult sailing class. Jeremiah Laureano had one student who seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit during the "how to get back into the boat procedure."  Good Job Jeremiah!!

This last weekend the Sea Scouts got a lesson in on board fire safety from Bob Bettinger. It's good to have such a treasure of so much boating and safety knowledge back, Thanks Bob.

Nick and all the rest of our racer's are having a lot of fun on Tuesday
racing. If you want to race or crew give him a call.

Vice Commodore Don has already begun planning for the Rumgatta which is really just around the corner. So get set to pitch in and help when he calls.

St. Pete Gam
Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA)

Gam:  a social visit or friendly interchange, especially between sailors or seafarers

October 18, 2014   St Pete Yacht Club Gam Registration:  SSCA members:  $35 Non-members:  $45  Non-members who join at the Gam will have the differential applied to their membership. 8 am – 5 pm :  Enjoy a full day of nautical presentations, plus lite breakfast & buffet lunch.  Vendors will be available to visit throughout the day. Topics include

Sailing / Cruising


Marine Potpourri

FL Big Bend Rivers & Islands: G. Weatherup

Solar for your Boat: J. Gamble

Outfitting Your Galley: M. Maskal “Galley Gourmet”

Bahamas: Exumas Islands: B. Cullen

Ins & Outs of Marine Pumps: G. Hecht

Women & Cruising: G. Hamlin

SW FL: Tampa Bay to Everglades: G. Weatherup

Inspecting Your Aging Sails: K. Donaldson

“McGyver” Medicine: R. Beyhl, R.N.

Crossing the Atlantic & Sailing the Mediterranean Islands: K. Dudley

Electronic Technology for Fun & safe Boating: K. Sherburne

Top 25 Handy Things to Have Aboard: B. Cullen

Sailing from Maine to Florida:  L. Petrat

Energy Storage for Cruisers: B. Williams

Seven Communication Strategies for Sailing Couples:  B. & K. Morse

Sailing from St Petersburg,

FL to St. Petersburg, Russia

R. Peterson

5:00 pm :  Happy Hour (cash bar), raffle, & Dinner with presentation:  Sailing the South Pacific….From Tahiti to Bora Bora to New Caledonia, A Dream of Many:  B. Cullen Dinner:  $28:  a sumptuous buffet of house salad, herb roasted chicken breast w/ red wine sauce, au gratin potatoes, seasonal vegetables, triple chocolate mousse cake, coffee or tea  Sunday morning:  Marine Flea Market across the street from the yacht club.  Sellers may obtain space for a nominal $10 fee (payable on site) The St Pete City Marina offers dockage and a mooring field, all within walking distance of the event. Register on-line:  www.ssca.org

Request for help

I've been restoring an old Morgan M22 over here on the island.  It was given
to me as a wreck many years ago while I lived in Sarasota.  The challenge
has been the title.  The Florida registration numbers that were originally
affixed never really crossed in the FWC database as accurate.  While
grinding out a gouge, I happened to find a second, earlier set of
registration numbers; FL 9967 AL.  FWC did confirm that the numbers crossed
to a 1969 Morgan 22 sailboat, it was not reported stolen and that the people
in the system that matched the numbers were somewhere in the Sarasota area.
DMV cannot assist me because as a '69, its pre-HIN.  Tallahassee has been
less than helpful to me in contacting these folks citing that I do not meet
law enforcement exemption status for release of information.  The FWC
officer did confirm that the numbers were valid in the system and expected
the M22 to be a storm casualty due to holes in the hull and missing
interior, centerboard and rigging.  I am really hoping that someone,
somewhere on your site might remember this little boat and help me contact
the prior owners.  Is there any way that my plight be posted, please?  That
way, someone could contact me and remain somewhat private?  At this point, I
would pay expenses to try and get this project back on track.

Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you

Dave Rhodes

3670 S. Tropical Trail

Merritt Island, FL 32952
From Sea Scouts

We made it there and back, Dry Tortugas 2014!  After a weather delay we departed TSS June 14th and arrived safely home June 21/22.  A great sailing adventure for all.  We do need to give extra special Thank You's to Dan Fels for arrangements at the Crow's Nest and Don Swartz's Dad in Ft. Myers for helping with re-provisioning transportation and his club pool for the scouts.  The most important Thank You, however, goes out to Mr. Allen Freeman and Southern Breeze.  Without Mr. Freeman's boat and time with us, this trip would not have been possible for the 12 who went on this adventure.  

Ship 185 is a year-round co-ed program for young adults 14 to 20.  We meet on Tuesday nights from  6 to 9 pm  at the TSS Clubhouse and sail as often as we can.  Know someone that would be interested? Come check us out! 

Email  SSS185BSA@Gmail.com  for more information.  (Meeting times may vary depending on activity and weather.)


From Youth Sailing
Ship 185 is a year-round co-ed program for young adults 14 to 20.  We meet on Tuesday nights from  6 to 9 pm  at the TSS Clubhouse and sail as often as we can.  Know someone that would be interested? Come check us out!  Email  SSS185BSA@Gmail.com  for more information.  (Meeting times may vary depending on activity and weather.)

TSS Youth Sailing, Inc.

2014 Adult & Family Classes YS isn't just for kids, anymore! YS has classes for adults and families, too! Interested in learning to sail or sailing better?  Sail with us! Sunfish, Laser, Mutineer and "Big Boat" classes with our U.S. Sailing certified instructors.

Instructors and coaches for small boat and "Big Boat" classes. Our boat or yours! Small classes, personal attention! 


SUNFISH -- You're at the helm!  A great way to learn!
12 hours, September 13 , 14 and 20. $200 for instruction, boat, book and Tshirt. Our most popular class in a very popular boat!  

MUTINEERS are 15 footers with a jib (foresail) and mainsail. 2 sailors aboard.
Learn sail trim, maneuvering and crew skills. Sail with family and friends.

LASERS are a popular single sail, one sailor boat.
We have 2 to learn on & Ryan, an accomplished racer, to teach.

Practice for Portsmouth racing (many types of boats sailing against each other) or One Design Fleet racing. Use our boat or yours. “Big Boats” Learn to Sail and Intermediate Sailing aboard “Big Boats,” including a Tartan 34, J-24, Santana 23, and a Spindrift 22. 

Need coaching on your boat? Practice a skill,
like docking, anchoring, mooring, sail trim. INTERESTED? Leave message at 813-645-2262 or E-mail pmsausab@gmail.com or contact Us via our website, www.youthsailingapollobeach. org

Youth Sailing has many sails that we haven't been able to sell.  I'm looking for a volunteer to load them into a vehicle and drive them to Masthead Enterprises to be evaluated to see if they will buy them -- best scenario -- or consign them, so they can stay there & not in our crowded storage unit! 

Masthead is 4500 28th St N, St Petersburg, FL 33714 (727) 327-5361

We will reimburse mileage and maybe lunch but no adult beverages ;)  The sails are bulky and some are heavy.  If you're considering volunteering, bless your heart, and I'd suggest calling ahead to find out when the used sail “decider” will be there.  You will have complete authority to accept their proposed purchase price – no haggling needed.      

I'll help you load out of our rental unit.    

I've tried to decide who to ask but it's boggled my mind.  Today, I decided to send this to a group, including some who might have time and some who might not hate to venture to Pinellas County. I hate that traffic and my car is itty bitty! 

Thanks for your consideration.          
Pat Austin,



The Scroll

All TSS members:  Don't forget to nominate your friends and fellow members to receive the Parchment Scroll at an upcoming membership meeting. Just take note of funny happenings and silly accidents that you see around the club or at TSS events.

Just E-mail Greg Johnson at greg.johnson@preciseconstruction.com or call Greg at 813-267-3862   to make the nomination. Greg will handle all the details.

Receiving the scroll is a high honor that is shared by many TSS members past and present.

Lost Song Books

If anyone has seen 3 song books, spiral bound with blue covers, and the title "Rise Up Singing" please contact Dick at  dickandtonim@gmail.com or let Bill Cullen know.   These were left at the club after the St Patrick's day Celebration on March 15th.


Update on Bob Bettinger. 

Bob continues to improve. As of last Friday Bob has advanced from the wheel chair to a walker. He is able to transfer himself from sitting to standing and for shower and Bathroom as needed.

He stated that they are looking for a possible end of month discharge to home if he continues to improve. The rehabilitation therapist and home transition team have to first complete a home visit to make necessary recommendations about the readiness of the home for Bob's needs. He will require things such as grab bars in the bathroom, hand held shower and various other small modifications to make things ready for his discharge and transition back home.

Jeff Olsen is going to do the modifications to the home and he has been a consistent help and support to Bob throughout his stay at Sun Terrace. Bob has enjoyed several outing's now for several hours including a visit to TSS Friday evening social hour. He looks forward to returning to reclaiming more activities as he nears his discharge date but will require ongoing therapy as an outpatient.

Bob is very motivated and has amazed the staff at Sun Terrace because he exercises about 5 hours a day. Before Breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, before dinner, and after dinner. He is always eager to do more and is a joy to visit. He mentioned recruiting several nurses from Sun Terrace to join the ladies sailing group at TSS. He never stops scouting for new talent.

Just wanted you to know of his progress and how well he has adapted to the changes and challenges before him since his stroke.

Windward and onward,

Jeanie Irwin Troost
for TSS Sunshine
Blackberry 813-333-8481

Farewell Note from Paul and Melody Kasl: 

We will miss the activities and camaraderie of TSS, which we have enjoyed since 1998 and will miss our friends the very most.  We are starting a new chapter in our lives by moving to Lafayette, Oregon (which is near McMinnville, OR) in order to be closer to family.  We invite any TSS member who will be in our area to give us a call as we would love to show you around the beautiful state of Oregon.  Our email address and cell phone numbers remain the same as what is in the TSS Directory. May the club continue to grow and remain the best value for the sailing community. 


Paul and Melody Kasl

Eric Nodland and his plumbing crew spent five hours one Saturday to fix a very serious water leak by the shower door at the club.  It is suspected that the leak has been around for quite a long time and has cost the club a good deal of money.

Please watch out for any suspicious water standing in unusual places.  With the large property that TSS has, and having water piped to a good number of points, it is possible that there are more leaks.  Members spotting something wrong and reporting it to the Dockmaster, may save more money in the future.


IT/AV Report

We all hope that everyone is enjoying the free Wi-Fi and the availability of a computer.
Under the direction of the TSS Board we convened a committee to look at the AV needs of the club.  The committee recommended and the TSS Board has approved the purchase of a TV and a data projector which will be purchased with funds that we will raise via donations, special event dinners and the 50/50 draw at the TSS Membership meetings.  Attached for your information is the Power Point Presentation that was provided to the Board.  More information regarding fundraising will be sent out shortly.

I thank the committee (Deborah Doyle, Dan Otte, Marc Sexton, and Don Swartz) for their guidance.  We all feel that as we look forward through the next 10 years these purchases will be beneficial to the club and will help to make it a place where people will want to come and be a part of all the wonderful things happening at TSS.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me at pclaytor@tampabay.rr.com

Become A Certified Race Official

Skippers Needing Crew?
Crew Seeking Boat?

Contact RFC Nick Lavelle 813-294-5800

>>> Become a Certified Race Official <<<

Advanced Race Management seminar at Clearwater Yacht Club 11/2 & 11/3



Do you have photos from your last adventure with TSS??  Please share as we create a Wall of Fame on our outside bulletin board.  Details will be posted on the board or connect with Mary Chapman mkchaps070@gmail.com Smooth Sailing!