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TBO - Town Meeting Oct. 2, 2013

Osprey Observer - Oct. 14, 2013

Observer News - 10/23/2013

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From the Dock Master

This week had to be an off week. We will start up again on Saturday . The start time will be 9am . There will be coffee and donuts.  Will make sure that someone is in charge of lunch, so it does not get missed. We will have pizza for lunch.  Work for a few more hours, then call it quits for the day.

Sunday is Easter and we know that many have plans for that day. We will still start up at 9am and have the same schedule as Saturday .

We will be digging the holes for the 4x4 posts as well as putting in more pilings.  We are almost at the point where we can start placing the stringers.

Will start having things that can get done during the week. We will be moving forward and we hope at a better pace. These first pilings have been difficult, but we do believe that the learning curve is over and we can pick up the pace.

Many thanks to those who have already helped. Hope to see you this weekend.

If anyone has a come-a-long that they can bring this weekend, please do so.

To Help: Contact Eric Nodland 813-633-5175 or 847-682-8022

We will be moving the New Members coffee to the first Monday of the month. The first change will be for the month of May, so the coffee will be May 5th .

Update on Bob Bettinger. 

Just sending an update about our TSS Member Bob Bettinger who is in spring training "Rehab" at Sun Terrace in Sun city "Center.

I visited Bob Friday afternoon. He looks 100% better and is able to walk about 200 feet or more with the walker. He is organizing Wheel Chair Races in the parking lots  over there and has a bet going with Sally Miliken that he can out pace her with a 3/4 Jib on the chair and a favorable wind angle.

Bob would like to use his hands more and would enjoy knot tying with some of you who are practiced in this skill. Anyone who has some sailor's line bring it along  with you when you visit. Can anyone make a Sailor's Knott Bracelet? A Monkey Fist? Ruthie would love a bracelet and Bob needs to keep busy in between his therapy sessions. He needs to limber and strengthen his hands. Knot tying would be a great way for him to do this.

Bob does not require the feeding tube now and would be ready for some healthy snacks from the ladies in the galley. He is looking forward to visiting with TSS friends. I can see him back at TSS before long.

Jeanie Irwin Troost
4TSS Sunshine
Blackberry 813-333-8481

Farewell Note from Paul and Melody Kasl: 

We will miss the activities and camaraderie of TSS, which we have enjoyed since 1998 and will miss our friends the very most.  We are starting a new chapter in our lives by moving to Lafayette, Oregon (which is near McMinnville, OR) in order to be closer to family.  We invite any TSS member who will be in our area to give us a call as we would love to show you around the beautiful state of Oregon.  Our email address and cell phone numbers remain the same as what is in the TSS Directory. May the club continue to grow and remain the best value for the sailing community. 


Paul and Melody Kasl

Eric Nodland and his plumbing crew spent five hours one Saturday to fix a very serious water leak by the shower door at the club.  It is suspected that the leak has been around for quite a long time and has cost the club a good deal of money.

Please watch out for any suspicious water standing in unusual places.  With the large property that TSS has, and having water piped to a good number of points, it is possible that there are more leaks.  Members spotting something wrong and reporting it to the Dockmaster, may save more money in the future.


IT/AV Report

We all hope that everyone is enjoying the free Wi-Fi and the availability of a computer.
Under the direction of the TSS Board we convened a committee to look at the AV needs of the club.  The committee recommended and the TSS Board has approved the purchase of a TV and a data projector which will be purchased with funds that we will raise via donations, special event dinners and the 50/50 draw at the TSS Membership meetings.  Attached for your information is the Power Point Presentation that was provided to the Board.  More information regarding fundraising will be sent out shortly.

I thank the committee (Deborah Doyle, Dan Otte, Marc Sexton, and Don Swartz) for their guidance.  We all feel that as we look forward through the next 10 years these purchases will be beneficial to the club and will help to make it a place where people will want to come and be a part of all the wonderful things happening at TSS.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me at pclaytor@tampabay.rr.com

Become A Certified Race Official

Skippers Needing Crew?
Crew Seeking Boat?

Contact RFC Nick Lavelle 813-294-5800

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Advanced Race Management seminar at Clearwater Yacht Club 11/2 & 11/3


Mailing for Lighthouse:

The lighthouse newsletter is now available on our website (Sail-tss.org) on the members only webpage.  It is distributed via our email connection and copies are printed and left at the clubhouse.  By utilizing these methods of distribution it has been a huge savings to the club.   If reading it online is not possible, then we encourage our members to stop by the clubhouse and pick up a copy. 

Read the current issue and find out how to submit your articles/pictures to the Lighthouse

Please send your submissions to:
Bernice Siebuhr, Lighthouse editor
Email:  Tealmoon747@gmail.com


Oct. 25 update on Main Channel Marker #2:
On Oct. 23, ABWIG reported the removal of the broken 40' x 2' concrete piling that formerly marked the Main Channel entrance to Apollo Beach. The channel is now marked with new #1 and #2 day boards.

ABWIG plans to install a  flashing light as soon as we can purchase replacement lights, panels, regulators, batteries, wiring and fabricate some components. TSS, let's thank ABWIG and Fernando Lopez, Marine Safety Coordinator, of Hillsborough County's Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department, for repairing this crucial aid to navigation into our waterfront community.