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FROM THE HELM! (March 17, 2016)

What a great year we have had, this Watch has been able to get so many things completed. This is a testament to all of the great people who make up our club! Without the support of our members, none of this would have been possible.


It appears that the Seawall Project is going to be completed very soon, including the new walkway and dock. This is the most important contribution this Watch has made to the club. Once it is completed, it should last for decades. With our new Finance Committee set up to fund its replacement, when it does come up again the monies should be there for it. If we could all remember this is an enormous project and the construction crews, are working as quickly as possible to compete it. They are trying to stay out of our way we need to stay out of their way as well. Safety First!!


I would also like to remind everyone this year’s Change of Watch will be here at the club, on Saturday April 2nd. Tickets to the dinner will be on sale until March 25th please sign up as early as you can. It would be nice to make this an event to remember since attendance is not mandatory I do however recommend it!  Since this is the first time in forever, the club will be hosting the event there are considerations that may need to be made. The COW will be using all of the clubs facilities however; the bathrooms and showers will be open to the membership who chooses not to come to the COW. The grill and deck/patio area are available as well.


While this is going to be my last From the Helm, I look forward to seeing the new Board move forward with all of the improvements that have happened these last few years. It is difficult for me to express the pride I feel for our club and our members who have worked so hard on all of these projects. Just to name a few people in no particular order, Ed Plotts F.C., Matt Dalton Deck/Dock, Darin O’Neal site/survey, Pat Austin R/R Bylaws, Bob Sardo RC including MNC 2015, Greg Johnson Seawall/Cap, The Board of Directors from both Watches. It is without doubt that these people all played an instrumental role in all of these accomplishments! Thank You All!


On another subject Ship 185, the Sea Scouts this year have been great! What a group of kids we have there, just ask them they will try to get it done. Does not matter what it is they will try, and more often than not, they will. Good kids, Excellent Leaders! The Sea Scout Regatta is just around the corner, Good Luck this year Scouts!


Because of the COW on the 2nd there will be no covered dish on the 26th. I want to Thank Susan Stroud for all of the hosts she has lined up this last year. We have so many great cooks in our club never a bad meal at TSS!


The next official work party will be on March 26th  and Our Dockmaster Steve Hodge will be all ready for the next work party and as usual, he has a list and needs your help. So bring your gloves and give him a hand. In an effort to complete the Seawall/Cap project there will be extra work parties scheduled. If possible please if you can make yourself available to Jim Bothwell who will be over seeing them.


My Watch is almost over and I would like to tell everyone it has been my privilege to serve our club these last 5 years. Thank You All!


As we continue to build for the future of our club today. Remember it’s about the fun stuff, and with that being said, Let’s all go Sailing!!


Save this Date: 


Saturday April 2, 2016

Commencing at 5:30 PM

Location: Tampa Sailing Squadron 

Dress Code: Florida Dressy
Food Catered by: Apollo Bistro

$30 per person-Tickets on Sale in March at Friday night on the porch and Membership Meeting. Or by contacting Mary Chapman;  mkchaps070@gmail.com, mobile:  440-258-3443, or Land  813-260-3618, please be patient with callbacks from our home phone.

5:30 PM Antipasto and Conversation- Beverages BOYB

6:30 PM Dinner-Shrimp Scampi & Prime Rib with potatoes and vegetable.  Iced Tea, coffee, red, and white wines accompany our dinner.

7:45 PM Dessert Cake

8:00 PM Commodore's Farewell


The Membership Committee Chair is looking for a core group of "Sponsors" to assist the Membership Committee in the following ways;

  • Help meet with potential new members to show them the around the club and explain the facilities,
  • Mentor new applicants through their application process to become familiar with club rules & procedures,
  • Guide new applicants through the service tasks required for acceptance as a new member & verify same,
  • Help welcome new members, integrate them into the club and introduce them to other members, officers, and activity organizers.

The above will require a consistent commitment to this very important function of our club. It will also necessitate some time in working with the Membership Committee Chair to ensure a thorough understanding of the new member application process, fees & requirements.


Please contact Roxann Jenkins on 727-798-6456 or at Roxann.JenkinsTSS@gmail.com


Thanks to all who came and participated in the two work parties we've had this January. The place looks great.

If you have a boat on a trailer on the property, please put your name on the trailer by the tongue where we can see it. A phone number would be nice too.

If you have a dinghy in the dinghy racks, put your name on it and let me know which space it is in for the records. There are several that seem to be beyond repair (dinghy: "too much") please contact me with the information.

Steve the Dockmaster


Please click on the link below to read about the Tale of Mick's Light.  I promise you will find it interesting and informative. 




A number of members have asked where we got the burgee for our transom.
They are in Brandon & in our name or TSS.

Eric & Joyce Nodland


Internet and computer - As many of you know TSS provides to its members a free internet connection and a computer so that folks can check tides, weather, etc.  Much work and expense has gone into setting up the computer and internet connection.  From time to time there is a hiccup with the system and the internet stops working.  Angst when the internet does not work is certainly understandable.  While we appreciate your willingness to try to help and fix the connection we ask that members please, please do not touch the computer set up and the internet cable .  Once again, someone tried to fix the connection and ended up breaking the connection and the computer tower. 

Call me at 813-541-8368 or send me an email at pclaytor@tampabay.rr.com and I will get someone to fix the computer and internet connection.  Thank you!


Get the latest news here!


Believe it!  ABWIG is dredging the channels!  For details, check the Local Notices to Mariners or go to Apollo Beach Waterway Improvement Group on Facebook or our website, www.abwig.org    Now is your chance to put your names on a gift to our town and boaters who enjoy our piece of paradise!

As the channel dredging and beach renourishment project closes, ABWIG is responsible for the aids to navigation marking the North, South and Main channels from the Bay to our interior waterways.  Sponsor one of these channel markers by making a donation and we'll put your name on that marker!  Sorry, the plaque has no lifetime guarantee but your donation to ABWIG is guaranteed to improve our waterways! 

The channel markers along the North Channel will be installed along a new, deeper route after dredging.  Channel Markers #1 and #2 are sponsored by Becky D., Sally M., Pat A., Melissa N., Steve N. and Aixa M.  The light on the jetty, several pilings and many dayboards on the North Channel are available.  Mark "your" marker!   

The dredging route will run inside the channel markers along the Main and South Channels, so these will remain in place, marking the deep channels after dredging, but you can still pick "your" channel marker, make your donation, and we'll put your name on that marker for all to see!  Boaters who transit the Main and South Channels, please help ABWIG mark these deep, navigable channels!

The #1 and #2 markers at the entrance to the Main Channel have been designated for the Tampa Sailing Squadron's $2500 donation but many dayboards and pilings are available along the Main and South channels.

1 LIGHT - $750 for the light on the jetty in the North Channel

PILINGS - $500.00 for each piling

DAYBOARD - $200 or more for each dayboard - 2 dayboards on each piling

Mail your check to ABWIG at PO Box 3251, Apollo Beach, FL  33572.  Please enclose a note, designating your donation for a channel marker and give us your phone number so we can contact you for details about your name and "your" channel marker. 

Names of all donors to this post-dredging fund will be publicized, unless you wish to remain anonymous.  Memorial donations are encouraged.      

Help ABWIG to restore navigable channels into Apollo Beach!

Email Connection

Thank you to everyone who submits items and updates for the email connection.  Just a reminder - The email connection is sent out twice a month - usually on Thursdays  just before the TSS Board Meeting which is the first Monday of the month and again before the TSS General Membership meeting which is the third Monday of the month.  Please keep this timeline in mind when submitting items and updates for the email connection.  Thank you for your understanding.  

Best wishes and happy sailing! 

Patricia Claytor

MAINSHEET - Catalina Owners Assosciation Magazine

I just received my copy of the Catalina Owners Association magazine, which is called MAINSHEET.  In it was an article written by Bruce Whyte.  Bruce was a guest of TSS during the Catalina 350 Rendezvous held at TSS last fall.  

"The Rendezvous was hosted by Bill & Elaine Cullen at the Tampa Sailing Squadron.  The Squadron has a rich history dating back to 1964 and is the epitome of true working sailing club.  There was no charge for the fleet to use the facilities for the weekend.  I understand that some members gave up space to accommodate the visiting boats, pretty amazing!"

You can view the entire article at www.mainsheet.net   This magazine is probably read by over 10,000  Catalina owners. 

TSS is truly a unique club, and this continues to impress all that visit us. Thank you to all TSS members who showed genuine hospitality to the Catalina 350 owners last fall.  I have had many compliments about our facilities and members.  Several people helped with the event too, in particular Becky DeVillier, Sally Marcinek and Dan Fels.   

Bill Cullen, TSS


We are filling up the dry slip area and I am trying to maximize the space to accommodate everyone. I have begun shifting a few boats and will continue to do so as the need arises. Some of our slips have extra space between them and will easily shift over to provide for another slip. As I shift boats I am relocating the tie-downs and sinking them flush with the ground. I am doing this so that they are not sticking up and can be rolled over by the boat trailer since the space is narrower.

If I shift your boat a few feet, please do not shift it back. This has happen already and I will be moving those boats again to add another slip between them.

Darin O'Neal
Dry slip manager



Here is an interesting story about a recent adventure by one of our members - Matt Dalton.  He raced the Carib 1500, a 1480 mile sailing rally from Norfolk, Virginia to Tortola, BVI on the Shannon 43 "Serenity".  read more...


~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

Youth Sailing isn't just for kids, anymore! We have classes for adults and families, too!

Interested in learning to sail or sailing better?

Sail with our U.S. Sailing certified instructors.

Our boat or yours. Small classes, personal attention! AFFORDABLE!
Interested? pmsausab@gmail.com

~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

SUNFISH and LASERS ~_/) ~ You're at the helm, a grea t way to learn! Great practice for Big Boats! 12 hours, weekend or weekday. $240 for instruction, book and Tshirt.

Coaching available at $30/hour. Sail better, sail faster!

~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

Learn to Sail a Big Boat ~_/) ~ HANDS-ON LEARNING - SKIPPER and CREW SKILLS.

$240 for 12 hours of instruction, book and Tshirt. Weekend or weekday.

~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

Tweak your Big Boat skills~_/) ~ Coaching available at $30/hour.

Practice a skill, like docking, anchoring, mooring, or sail trim, or gain confidence

or just enjoy sailing with a partner (special discount - fun rate).

~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

INTRO TO RACING or IMPROVE YOUR RACING SKILLS ~_/) ~ Use our boat or yours.

~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~

Adopt a Mutt!

YS pays for parts, you work and play! 

Donate a few hours!

" Fix for sale " the boats donated to us.  Resales are our fundraisers.

" Fix for sail " our training fleet of prams, Sunfish, Lasers & Mutineers.

Help with our coach boats and outboards.

Donations of boats, equipment, and money are tax deductible.

TSS Youth Sailing, Inc., is a member of US Sailing, our national sailing authority, and we are insured by one of its partners.  TSS Youth Sailing is also a member of BoatUS.  TSS Youth Sailing, Inc., is a federal 501(c)(3) charity and donations are tax deductible.  TSS Youth Sailing, Inc., was organized as a Florida non-profit corporation in April 2000 by its founders, all TSS members.  

Pat Austin, President; Board of Directors:  Richard Borde, Ron Smaller, Susan Bishop, Dan Roberts, Sally Marcinek


THE BOOK OF SAILnew website...

"I have started a new website as a follow through to my articles and presentations about neat things and ideas to have aboard your cruising sailboat.  Please take a minute and visit the site.  I hope that you'll find it informative and fun. 

I'd love to have your ideas to add to this website.  I will give you credit too. If you have any comments or ideas for me, send them to cullensailor@gmail.com

The name of the website is   www.thebookofsail.com

You can Google this exactly, or type the name of the website in quotations like this;

"the Book of Sail"   

Thanks for looking!"

Bill Cullen


Open to boats 19 feet and less
Meet at 1 and sail at 2
Have fun!
Improve your single-handing and crew skills!
Practice for Portsmouth races (1 st Sunday of month) or one-design racing!

Sail your own boat, or a TSS Sunfish, or talk to Pat about sailing a YS Sunfish, Laser or Mutineer 15.

Frequent sailors:  Matt Dalton, Dan Kresge, Katie Kresge, Darin O'Neal, Ed Plotts (add your name here!)

Info:  Susan Bishop, Portsmouth Racing - susan@mymothersgarden.com


Help needed.  Transport donated Mutineer 15 on trailer from Cleveland sail loft to TSS.  Pls. contact me to discuss.  Thanks.  Pat A./Youth Sailing  pmsausab@gmail.com 813-645-2262

The Scroll

All TSS members:  Don't forget to nominate your friends and fellow members to receive the Parchment Scroll at an upcoming membership meeting. Just take note of funny happenings and silly accidents that you see around the club or at TSS events.

The Scroll has been awarded for anchors being thrown overboard (unattached) with the owner watching it go directly to the bottom. It has been awarded for removing an outboard motor from the transom with no retainer line. Lose your grip and the motor goes....directly to the bottom.

The Scroll has been awarded for many reasons. Some humorous (with the perspective that time allows); most as a result of a less than intelligent acts that could have been avoided.  So let's keep our eyes and ears open for some really dumb stunts that we can all shake our heads about and say what was he/she thinking. 

Just E-mail Greg Johnson at greg.johnson@ preciseconstruction.com or call Greg at 813-267-3862   to make the nomination. Greg will handle all the details.

Receiving the scroll is a high honor that is shared by many TSS members past and present.

Lost Song Books

If anyone has seen 3 song books, spiral bound with blue covers, and the title "Rise Up Singing" please contact Dick at  dickandtonim@gmail.com or let Bill Cullen know.   These were left at the club after the St Patrick's day Celebration on March 15th.

Co-Ed Program for young adults

Ship 185 is a year-round co-ed program for young adults 14 to 20.  We meet on Tuesday nights from  6 to 9 pm  at the TSS Clubhouse and sail as often as we can.  Know someone that would be interested? Come check us out! 

Email  SSS185BSA@Gmail.com  for more information.  (Meeting times may vary depending on activity and weather.)

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